I led technical decision-making for OpenElect, a secure and open-source platform for holding elections of any size. For this project, built out the front-end data architecture in a Flux pattern, and learned React in one week to construct the views. On the server-side, wrote a wrapper for OpenPGP.js using the Bluebird promise library and Node's child_process module, that enabled us to run expensive cryptographic operations in separate threads, avoiding blocking Node's event loop.
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I led development of SnackReactor, a tool for finding restaurants backed by the knowledge of your colleagues and classmates. I personally designed and built the authentication system (based on Passport), Google Places & Github API integrations, and front-end pages and services in AngularJS, and refactored the search API and Bookshelf/Knex database integrations.
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Yahtzee is a command-line tool for generating secure passphrases using the Diceware method, which ensures that they have high amounts of entropy. It uses to generate five random integers for each word in the passphrase, which correspond to a word in the Diceware8k list.
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Bradley Portnoy

Bradley Portnoy

I'm a recovering politico and brand marketer diving head-first into the world of software development, and always searching for ways to impact the world for the better.